Sunday, 1 April 2012

Abnormally Normal

So much of my life is apparently abnormal *shakes head at society's definitions*, that I had to share last night's abnormal ending to a normal day.

Saturday and Sunday are code for my body to misbehave more so than usual. Having survived the queue and the screaming at the Emergency Doctors, I returned home and did (well had a fight with) some bits and pieces to prepare for overnight and the next morning. Usually my carer would do them, but I was still stuck at the doctors so I'd had to cancel her.

I did all my usual drugs, dressings, etc..., and then came the abnormal bit....

I read some of a book, yes, a real book, not a textbook, a journal, or manual, but a real book for leisure book.

Now I adore reading, but just haven't got the time/energy/brain cells/marbles *delete as applicable* to read very often. I was quite surprised that I remembered where I'd been up to in the book. I have several books on the go, and hate the fact I don't get time to read them. I'm going to try and get to read before bed more often. I think it did improve my sleep a bit, probably helped me unwind and so on.

So yes, that's my slice of 'abnormality' in my funky little world.

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  1. That is achievement indeed! It's been *such* a long time snce I read a book. I'm normally too sleep deprived and rarely have the time. I've started listening to unabridged audiobooks, it suits me perfectly as I can carry on doing the things that I have to, but still get to enjoy the books.

    I hope you get to the end of your book and life doesn't get in the way! Thanks for joining in the blog hop x